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Guide Card for Aries Season: Knight of Cups

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

As we enter the Astrological New Year and our lives are changing in every way, I thought we needed a guide card for this new season.

The Knight of Cups is here to help us navigate this time and share insights on how best we can show up.

When the Knight appears I know we are ready to listen to what has been on our hearts and minds. Often this card points to a particular goal and a strong urge to turn it into reality.

The Knight is reaching towards a heavenly chalice in the sky, a reference to the Holy Grail, and he is single-minded in his approach. His focus is strong and his energy is fierce. His wings raise him to his dreams and he reaches out to grab them.

But just like most stories of the Holy Grail, it is not a completely smooth journey. There will be ups and downs and some false roads. However, the Knight of Cups assures you that with hard work you will find fulfillment.

I think this card points to the hard road ahead for many of us during this pandemic. Most of our routines have vastly changed and many of us are confined to our homes.

Currently, our work, downtime, and recreation all look very different. We are not sure how to use this new period and how to keep sane.

Life never lets up and many of us are constantly on the go, so this time feels extremely strange. We feel the urge to fill up this new period with lots of todo lists while comparing ourselves to others who we think are accomplishing more.

I know many of would like to use the Knight's energy to complete big projects, start a new hobbies, learn a language, or do something creative. And don't get me wrong, those are all great goals. I have those goals as well. But I think we can also use the Knights energy for goals around self compassion, introspection and rest.

We are being called to take a break, to really slow down and listen to ourselves. If you quiet your mind for a moment, what does your body tell you it needs? What inside needs tending? What is it you want to do (not what you think you should do)?

Since the Knight is a Cup card, it is connected to our emotions. This card calls us to dive into our emotional world and see what parts need some love and attention.

From the outside, this might look like you aren't 'doing' anything. You might just be sitting, writing, or drawing. You might be laying in bed or going a slow walk.

But this work is real and it will helps us be stronger through all these huge changes. Connecting to what our emotions are telling us is a skill we will use all our lives.

The energy of Aries season mixed with the Knight of Cups will bring us some fire. We will feel the drive to accomplish things, move our bodies and be bold in our goals.

Just make sure that some of your goals are connected to your emotional needs and resting your body. We all so deeply need some healing stillness.

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